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Govt. Ghanshyam Singh Gupt P.G. College Balod cordially welcome you to its website. With the motto, Tam -So-Ma-Jyotirgamaya,  the college has successfully completed 30 glorious years of spreading  light of knowledge to create a whole new category of intellectually competent,  morally upright and socially healthy citizens. Our’s is an aspiring institution dedicated to  achieve excellence in the arena of higher education where the future is full of opportunities and promises. 

      Thirty years ago,   the college started its journey in Higher Education as an Undergraduate college and in the year 2008 it was declared as  P.G. college. In the newly formed Balod District the college has also assumed the role of  lead college responsible to co-ordinate and lead the other 13 colleges of  the district.
The college holds in its profile with Undergraduate courses namely, B.A, B.Com, maths and Biology group, B.Sc.(Computer sci.), and LL.B We offer P.G. courses in M.Sc.(Maths), M.Sc.(Botany), M.Com, M.A.(Economics), M.A.(Sociology) and M.A.(Poltical science). The horizons of professional  activities are expanding, we will launch vocational training programme very soon.

               We emphasize on imparting excellent education to our students in an encouraging environment we pay equal attention to the all-round development of our students. To achieve excellence and quality the college continously  assess its strengths and weaknesses with a proper co-ordination between college staff and involving  about 1800 students.

                   Educational situation in our country has become quite dynamic and competitive, hence to keep pace with the changes.  the college has planned to introduce several new Add-On-Courses in the near future along with its traditional format of degree courses which is facing competition from applied branches.

                   It is  heart warmimg to  note that although we are suffering from a few infrastructural problems, the results have always been encouraging which is certainly an outcome of dedicated and competant teaching.  We provide them ample opportunities for giving expression to their inner literary creative and artistic talents, as well as, sportsmanship.

                   Since higher education is now being approached with a new vision where efforts are being made to make the education system better both by the state Govt. and the University.  We hope to provide a galaxy of opportunities and help to our each and every student to facilitate them to grow, blossom and to bloom with the intention to make them intellectually competent and skilled, morally upright and socially acceptable citizens of the nation.

                        I hope things will turn-out best for our students in the days to come very soon.

(Dr.  Smt. Shradha Chandraker)

Govt. Ghanshyam Singh Gupt P.G. College Balod
Durg Dalli-Rajhara Rd, Balod, Chhattisgarh 491226

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